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Sorry you’re not a winner.
I'm a big kid at heart ♥
I take things as they come.
I pretty much love my life.
I love my music.
It's pretty much all I have in my life that keeps with me.
I adore Enter Shikari, Bring Me The Horizon and This Dies Tonight.
I'm an idiot.

I lie in my journal and I don't add people I know personally. I don't want people knowing the real me because that's what my 'real' journal is for. Don't worry, I don't lie about big things, just names and places, so people don't really know who I am. Security, y'know?
I actually hate most of the people in my life right now and I DO tend to rag on about them. Don't bitch at me because of my opinions. It's my life.
I get funny obsessions with various things, songs, boys, media, superstars, intruments. I like my obsessions. :]
Blargh, can't think of anything else to add. Will add later. x